• Shopen Studio

    We will use our studio as a shop at the weekends. Drop by between 12-16 on Saturday and Sunday at Kigkurren 8K, st, 2300 KBH S.

  • Send a Hamide Postcard #3

    Join us at “Send a Hamide Postcard #3” at Kvarterhuset’s Makerspace on the 11th of December.

  • Collection: Soul of City_Copenhagen

    This collection is about our perception of Copenhagen and its culture. It aims to present the patterns we observe, the elements we find unique, and the keywords we associate with Copenhagen with a humorous and contemporary approach.

  • Support Hamide!

    Immigrant & Fabulous! But Being Deported! // Support Hamide!

  • Hamide design studio

    We are drawn to the idea of both using unconventional materials and reinterpreting traditional ones through methods and/or contexts. We also have a passion for up-cycling.

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