• I Feel From Passport Workshop X 5

    We are very happy that we will represent Culture Connection by holding “I Feel From Passport Workshop_ X5” as part of the major event “Årstidsfesten, for alverdens børn og voksne i fred og fordragelighed (Seasonal Feast for all the childern and adults in peace and harmony)” organized by Kulturstationen Vanløse and Vanløse Lokaludvalg.
    Hope to see some of you!

  • It Smells Spring

    Collection “It Smells Spring” admires and celebrates flowers, colors, and re-awaking through simple and organic illustrations and color. Available on the webshop.

  • Support Hamide!

    Immigrant & Fabulous! But Being Deported! // Support Hamide!

  • Collection: Soul of City_Copenhagen

    This collection is about our perception of Copenhagen and its culture. It aims to present the patterns we observe, the elements we find unique, and the keywords we associate with Copenhagen with a humorous and contemporary approach.

  • Hamide design studio

    We are drawn to the idea of both using unconventional materials and reinterpreting traditional ones through methods and/or contexts. We also have a passion for up-cycling.

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